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Russian Icon Tour, May 24 - June 10, 2008
Your Guide : Fr. Ilya Gotlinsky
11 November 2007
Re: Russian Icon Tour 2008
Dear Friends,
The year 2008 will be the 8th in a row that Father Ilya will be guiding a group of people (Iconophiles and/or Pilgrims), to travel to Russia and visit the places that are dear to you. And the 4th year in a row to guide Iconophiles to Moscow and to the North and North West of Russia. And again there will be new places. Even though these do not always show on the Itinerary, the latter will still represent the way the group will travel.
As several among you already know, but more important to those who don't know this yet, Fr. Ilya will be guiding as many as five tours/pilgrimages in 2008. You can see this on this site in the (new) Message Center for Upcoming Events (Exhibitions and Tours). More details can be found also on Fr. Ilya's (new) website
If you are interested to participate in the Russian Icon Tour 2008, please fill out the Inscription Form and click "Send" to request your detailed itinerary.
May God bless you.
Fr. Ilya / Peter de Ruyter


Fr. Ilya Gotlinsky will once again lead a 3-week tour (May 24 - June 10, 2008) to Russia's world famous Icon Painting Centers. Says Dr. Emory Gonzales: "Travelling with Fr. Ilya is a unique opportunity to see and go places where very few are allowed". As mentioned above, the 2008 itinerary will be similar to the one in 2007. The focus of the 2008 tour, again, will definitely be on icons. Participants will be visiting numerous places where religious art is most brilliantly and explicitly present. Included are:
  • Major Museum Collections in the world famous "Golden Ring" and elesewhere, containing masterpieces representing the very beginning of Russian iconography schools through to the eighteenth century.
  • World Famous Sites in secluded locations of rural Russia not included in most of the traditional tours but of exquisite beauty, like Vologda and Kirillov, for example. (It's another reason that this tour is a unique event.)
  • Icon / Fresco Studios and Restoration Workshops where modern Russian iconographers are working to resurrect the age old tradition of the Russian Icon.
Click the map to the right to enlarge it and make a virtual tour of the Icon Painting Centers included in the itinerary.
      In addition to a comprehensive study of Russian Icon painting, participants will get a good idea of the Russian Church and the secular history that impacted religious art.
      Every iconophile is welcome aboard and even though the tour will be mainly conducted in English, professional translators are available in all of the main centers, if needed.
      The main point of departure will be J.F. Kennedy Airport, New York, but people from Europe may join the group in Moscow by travelling to Moscow independently. Prospective participants should be prepared for a lot of walking during incredibly interesting and educational, but long days.
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